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Outdoor audio station for spas and the whole backyard by Gecko Alliance.



Docks, connects, protects and allows a full remote control of your digital audio sources. Directly from your spa.


Bring your music along with you and enjoy it while relaxing in your spa. Gecko’s in.p4 integrates your digital audio sources to your spa and its control system in a seamless and safe way.


Docks and connects your smartphone!

Designed to host best-selling smartphones like iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note, iPods, USB flash drives and other portable digital audio players equipped with a mini jack, in.p4 connects to Gecko’s 2 audio system. Additionally, it acts as a charging station.

Protects your sources!

In.p4 protects your audio devices such as your smartphone, iPod or USB drive and their precious content against electronics’ worst enemies: water and humidity.

Lets you control your audio from spa side!

When your 2 equipped spa is powered by one of Gecko’s X or Y series systems, the content of your digital audio source can be accessed and controlled directly from spa side, through in.k1000, in.k800 or in.k500 main keypads.



features a USB and an 1/8” audio input mini jack connectors


Gecko’s in.p4 docking station features a USB and an 1/8” audio input mini jack connectors. 
Its design includes a smoked see-through door, a backlit base stand as well as hidden screws and brackets.

in.p4 is easy to install 

With its brackets, it can be flush-mounted to all types of spa side panels. 
A simple cable connection hooks it up to an 2 audio station, powering in.p4 and enabling
the remote control of any docked digital audio source, directly from your spa.

for right or left hand door opening

in.p4’s enclosure design includes a docking base, watertight gaskets and a latching mechanism to open and close its smoked see-through door. in.p4 can be installed for right or left hand door opening.

in.p4 documentation


in.p4 installation instructions

download instructions:

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